Heart to Heart : Valentine's Day Collection

Gold Crown requested an exclusive line of Valentine's Day cards that were fun, bold and non-relationship specific (i.e. for anyone.) Thoughts were to keep it fresh, simple and colorful. Using graphic shapes and bold patterns. The “Heart to Heart” is a 12-card Valentine's Day collection inspired by celebrating the heart filled day with anyone.


Gold Crown requested an exclusive line of baby cards that were fresh & unique. We wanted to speak to the emerging millennial parent audience through playfulness & hipster flair. I then purposed and then created “Hipster Baby” is a 6-card baby collection inspired by today’s new, trend-conscious parents.

This collection was also chosen to be the inaugural "Featured Artist Collection" across 180+ Gold Crown Stores. The in-store display featured a small tid-bit and photo of the artist (that's me!) Click the image to the right to see the full bio.

Sarah Jessica Parker : Everyday & Seasonal Collection


Hallmark wanted to attract new millennial customers into stores by partnering with style icon Sarah Jessica Parker.  We created a one-of-a-kind collection that will help celebrate life’s joyous moments through fresh, bold & feminine cards.

A 70-card collection inspired by Sarah Jessica Parker that helps consumers celebrate, inspire, encourage, comfort & connect with one another.


So Natural Together : Wedding Collection

Mood board collections are for inspiration purposes only.
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Gold Crown requested an exclusive line of wedding cards that were fresh & unique. I explored the untapped, but extremely timely wedding niche defined by casual sophistication & D.I.Y. elegance.

“So Natural Together” is a 12-card wedding collection inspired by the rustic, vintage & charming aspects of casual nuptials.