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The Trends Studio at Hallmark was tasked to rethink the strategy, content and visuals behind Hallmark's Instagram. After learning the demographics, Hallmark Leadership wanted a fresher feed that would catch the eye of the younger generations while still highlighting Hallmark's product and brand essence.  I was appointed the creative lead and quickly assembled a team of content creators. From there, I lead the charge on revamping Hallmark's Instagram.

Before  May 2016

Before May 2016

After  May 2016

After May 2016



We developed five content strategies. I then lead a 2 hour brainstorm with 12 designers that yielded on-trend ideas, quick sketches and loads of inspiration. From those idea-starters, we pushed and developed the concept into stronger, specific shot ideas. I developed a "Insta Idea Form" that helped designers think through the logistics of the shot. How can we pull this off? What are the materials needs to make this shot happen? What might it look like?..etc. The form started as a way to expand on ideas, but it has turned into a vital communication tool for collaboration. Designers come up with the idea, attach inspiration, draw a quick sketch, gather supplies and we then send it over to our Photo Studio to make it come to life. The results are spot-on and nothing was lost in translation. Quick, smart, clear and efficient.

Led a 2 hour brainstorm that yielded 25+ ideas per strategy. Continuously used as thought-starters.

Samples of the strategy sheet I created to help creators flush out idea. Also used to communicate idea and vision to our Photo team.

Organization is key. Large format planner to archive work and see progress over time.

Organization is key. Large format planner to archive work and see progress over time.

art director, writer & manager

It's one thing to have content, it's another to make it into a fresh, on-brand, consistently relevant Instagram feed. I dove in, and learned quickly how to balance the grid, how to write concise captions, how to react to cultural events/tragedies in a timely and tactful manner, how to manage comments with poise and how to get over writer's block when your captioning image after image. Also, I quickly turned into a pro of Hootsuite, a vital publishing tool, that allows me to schedule content to coordinate with other social teams and obtain appropriate approvals before these babies go live. It's a challenging new territory for me but it's been entirely worth it, seeing our feed and followers grow.

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