Hallmark requires sell-sheets to convey distinct look and feel options for future card collections. My task is to create a comprehensive style board that easily translates into a varied card collection. Here are my trend-focused style sheets that utilize photography, illustration, lettering, attachments & color to represent direction.


Mood board collections are for inspiration purposes only. Individual image rights are owned by the original creators.

Click for Corresponding Collection

Click for Corresponding Collection

So Natural Together: WEDDING
rustic, authentic, vintage, DIY

Urban Flirt : FEM BIRTHDAY
graphic, bold, playful, expressive

Vivid Vintage : SON BIRTHDAY
playful, nostalgic, vintage


Vibrant Love : LOVE
rich, memorable, impactful

Electric Age : MILESTONE
bright, bold, energetic

Raised Up : CARE + CONCERN
fresh, approachable, bold


Love Letters : LOVE
fresh, playful, light-hearted

Fresh Florals: FEM BIRTHDAY
simple, clean, modern, pretty

Delft Decadence : MOM
classic, rich, multi-cultural


Bouquets of Beauty : SYMPATHY
fresh, bold, compassionate

Outdoor Wonder : MASCULINE
rustic, calming, rugged